Doll Bodies

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19"-20" Bodies Fit: 17"-18" Bodies Fit: 19"-20" Full Limb bodies fit:

Micaiah by Emily Jameson
Lindea, Maike, & Mathis by Gudrun Legler
Scarlett by Bonnie Brown
Lainey by Alicia Toner
Will by Natalie Scholl
Spencer by Wendy Dickison
Noah, Hannah, & Joshua by Reva Schick
Sugar & Honey by Donna Rubert
Eleanor by Laura Tuzio Ross
Seraphina, Franklin, Lauri, & Bjarni by Elisa Marx
Realborns: Kase, Presley, and Asher
Scarlet by Cindy Musgrove
And MORE!!!

Lilliana, Adelynn, Sweet Cheeks, & Winnie by Emily Jameson
Ivy, Angeli, & Coco-Malu by Elisa Marx
Josiah, Shylah, & Melody by Laura Tuzio Ross
Adrie Stoete Mix and Match kits (Dimitri, Erin, Carmen, Akina, Sammie, Serah, etc.)
Lelou, Milou, Elodie, Michelle, & Milaine by Evelina Wosnjuk
Livia & Lilian by Gudrn Legler
Maisie by Marita Winters
Madison by Mina Torquati
Adelya by Olga Auer
Realborns: Clyde, Thomas
And MORE!!!

Sawyer by Emily Jameson
Penelope by Alicia Toner
Sally by Bonnie Brown
Bella by Andrea Arcello
Everleigh, Quinlynn, Esme, Knox, Miracle, and Serenity by Laura Lee Eagles
Tavi, Skye, & Sweet Carolina by Marita Winters
Sailor Rose, Nellie, Ella, Leelou and Sienna Rae by Cassie Brace
Anastasia & Zhenya by Olga Auer
Vincent & Haley by Laura Tuzio Ross
Realborns: Logan, Summer Rain, Kimberly, & Owen
Freya by Tina Kewy
And MORE!!!